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Our Team

Víctor Muñoz

Victor is a PhD physicist and scientist who uses cutting-edge technology like blockchain and artificial intelligence to develop goods using a community-led approach.

KHUSHBOO​ Kewalramani
FINANCE consultant intern

Khushboo has a background in Finance and is excited to offer a new perspective to W3CONN3CT's financial analysis and strategy as a dedicated Finance Intern working on client's projects. 

Prakshal saraiya

Prakshal graduated with a Bachelor's in Technology, Electronics and Communications Engineering and went on to broaden his knowledge with an MSc in Finance and Investment which is now being crafted into the first-hand experience at W3CONN3CT.

Parag patil

Finance consultant intern

Parag, graduated with a Master's degree in Finance, bringing a fresh perspective to W3CONN3CT's financial analysis and strategy. With a keen interest in emerging technology, he is excited to leverage his expertise in finance.

Kornel Kot


Kornel has experience working as a management and business development consultant in a variety of industries, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, semiconductors, and digital enterprise.

Mahdi Hassan 

Mahdi is an experienced front-end web developer, recruiter and networker who has built an impressive portfolio of web3 projects for some of the most innovative companies in the industry.

Michael Harding

Bd & recruitment

Michael has a background in traditional finance. He was mentored directly by a Director of JPMorgan Gold Acquisitions. Michael has 12 years of business development & leadership experience.

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